Cloud Fellows GmbH proudly hosts some key cloud services for SSE vendors and customers:


Initially launched in 2004, CSM-Testcenter is still used every day by testers and customers to explore content filtering solutions and Web Gateways for their ability to detect malware in different encodings and archive formats when downloaded via HTTP(S) as well as other filter engine capabilities all which are also important for SSE solutions.


The next generation test center specifically for SSE products. Development is still ongoing, please let us know what kind of features you like to see tested with the new SSE-Testcenter; mail us at


Initially started by Network Appliance, our founder became the ICAP Forum president in 2007. The ICAP Forum holds the technical resources about the ICAP protocol standard and also helped ICAP vendors to network and advertise their products. The site hasn't been maintained for several years so that the participant and product listings got very outdated. Cloud Fellows GmbH will take the effort to relaunch those listing soon. Stay tuned...