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Building upon 40 years of experience in Software Development and more than 20 years in Internet and Cloud Security

Let's become fellow developers to protect your customer's most important assets!

Software Architecture

  • Scalable cloud architecture with low COGS
  • Internet Protocols (invent / implement)
  • Distributed systems (client, gateway, cloud)
  • Extendable systems and components
Track record

Software Development

  • Specialized in C++/STL development
  • Cross-Platform (MacOS, Linux, Windows)
  • Minimizing external dependencies
  • Experience in small power teams and in leading global orgs with 500+ engineers
Track record


  • Define processes that work and scale
  • Run successful businesses (in Germany and other countries)
  • Succeed with your M&A activities
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SSE Fellow Cloud Services

Services that help you develop and showcase your SSE solutions

Cloud Fellows proudly hosts a number of service sites for testing your solutions, showcasing your capabilities to customers and networking on Internet standard protocols with other vendors and your customer base

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